Steve Luxe

Steve Luxe (Cable) is a Pittsburgh native multi-instrumentalist, singer, remixer, IMA-nominated producer, and recording artist. He is perhaps best known for his work with the (now defunct) band Luxe. He has worked with artists all around the world, both well-known, and independent. He has performed for audiences both small, and large, including opening for Deborah Cox in 2010, for 10,000 fans. Steve is now working on his new act, called “Bloodlily”, producing a new release for former-bandmate, Zyan Luxe, as well as working on a new project in conjunction with Miss J, Keary, and Zyan Luxe called, “The Twisted Collective”.
Steve also does Artists & Repertoire work for the NYC record label, Quark Records, with industry veteran Curtis Urbina.
In addition, Steve co-hosted the daily show “Talk It Out” on the (now defunct) OutTV. Steve is passionate about creating and fostering new relationships with other artists, as well as mentoring budding new artists. Steve is a classically-trained singer, trained in the “bel canto” technique. He also plays guitar, keyboards, bass, drums and many other stringed instruments. He’s a bit of a synthesizer nut, and loves spending his days working on laying down tracks in his home studio, relaxing with his dogs, and working with technology. Previous to becoming a professional musician and producer, he worked in Information Technology. Steve is a huge UNIX, and Linux enthusiast.
Steve is an animal lover, a long-time vegan, an advocate for animal rights, environmental causes, and social justice issues. He’s also a really nice guy, albeit a bit of an introvert. He’s proud to be part of the Speaker Spanker team, and happy to help foster new relationships, and networking with other artists and music lovers. He’s a rabid Goldfrapp fan, and loves good Indian food.
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