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Steve Loeffler

Steve is from North Huntingdon, PA. He’s been a suburban fan of techno since 1997.  He went to Planet Orange to see the Crystal Method and, to basically see what an all-nighter was. He tuned in, turned on, and dropped …..  Fast-forward (imagine record spinning fast)… Steve has heard a lot of music from all genres and, has lived through generations of the electronic music scene.  His favorite genre is drum and bass, and acid techno is a close second. Hard house is what he plays when he’s behind the turntables.

Although, to many, he may be considered a city scene-veteran, he has, in actuality, also experienced the New York, Philadelphia, Florida, Midwest, and London scenes.  The music will always be considered a huge part of his life, because his ears bring him so much enjoyment. It all harkens back to a night when he was on the dance floor, and couldn’t help himself, but to let it all go, and cut loose. Steve is addicted to the beat.