James Forosisky

James Ivan Xavier Forosisky familiarized himself with electronic music in Pittsburgh in 2005 when he started attending FUZZ, Pittsburgh's Drum and Bass event that was held weekly at the Bloomfield Bridge Tavern. Enamored with what he heard, James worked zealously on mixing D&B under the alias of "Ninja Papes" and was invited to join 412DNB, the association that held FUZZ, in 2011, which he considers to this day to be his proudest moment.

Presently, James is still on board with 412DNB as a resident at their monthly event FAZE, which is held every third Saturday at Eclipse Lounge in Lawrenceville. He is also a member of music crews 1337 and BC1, and occasionally co-hosts the radio show Couch Dancing with DJ Firefly on 88.3 WRCT. When not enjoying music, James is enjoying comedy, and can be found on YouTube teamed up with music producer Ricky 'RSK' DiMarco Jr. on their show 'The Riffstarz', in which no form of television show or video game is safe from their hilarious criticism. You can catch 'The Riffstarz' on DiMarco's YouTube channel RSKullcrusha.
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