David Phunkphonic Noel

It was a muggy 4th of July in 1999 the world was running rampant with sexual energy and quality psychedelics.

Fireworks were exploding overhead and the bass was booming on Earth suddenly and without warning a figure appeared. As the smoke cleared and the drugs wore off there stood a man. Not just any man, it was Phunkphonic.

16 years later and the Reverend Phunkphonic has become face of the Church of Phunk using his musical skills to spread joy and wonder out into the world.

Born of origins unknown his history has been well documented throughout the ages.

“We want the Phunk, Gotta have the Phunk”, George Clinton

“Play that Phunky music white boy”, Kc and the sunshine Band

Other Examples of Phunk in music history include:

Phunky Chicken - Rufus Thomas
21st Century Phunk - A-Sides
Atmospheric Phunk - Wax Doctor
Big Groovy Phunker - Plump DJs
Phunky Miracle - Meters
Brand New Phunk - DJ Jazzy Jeff & Fresh Prince
C Phunk - Grooverider
Dr Phunkenstein - Parliament
Everything I Do Gonh Be Phunky (From Now On) - Lee Dorsey
Phunk Box - Sugarhill Gang
Phunk By Numbers - Trouble Funk
Phunky Dollar Bill - Funkadelic
Phunk Music - Dave Angel
Phunk World - DJ SS
The Phunk - EPMD
Phunkalicious - Isaac Hayes
Phunkey Punk - Dillinger
Phunky Flow - Dillinja
Phunk #49 - Killdozer
Phunk Phenomenon- Armand Van Helden
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