Dave Rabin

Dr. David Rabin, a physician and neuroscientist training in psychiatry, founded his record label, Rustic Justice ( www.RusticJustice.com) as a social movement to unite people through art and music by bringing to the forefront key social issues that threaten to compromise our quality of life. The live-by-example type, Dr. Rabin maintains the core belief that people were meant to work together to better each other and that winning at the expense of any individual is unacceptable.

At the helm of Rustic Justice with the extraordinarily talented executive producer Josh ‘MIRK’ Mirsky, Dr. Rabin has generated a creative environment that facilitates constructive competition, and collaboration between artists who freely synergize their efforts, in order to take their final product to the next level.

It is Dr. Rabin’s hope that bringing artists and musicians together will help others to recognize the potential for collaboration, and positive growth in their own day-to-day lives. Dr. Rabin also serves as the Advisor for Art and Music Activism for the Solutions Institute ( Solutions-Institute.org).
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