What’s up
Music Spankers?!
Speaker Spanker is an online TV web series which drops fresh & different MUSIC shows every month. The shows are posted on YouTube, as well as on the www.speakerspanker.com website for personal enjoyment at any time, day or night! The Speaker Spankers also have a global RADIO show Mondays 9-1am NY time (2-6am London) on www.soundwaveradio.net.
The mission of Speaker Spanker is to fill the void left by a lack of quality, entertaining, and informative TV shows. Speaker Spanker will be hosted and filmed with real-deal people, without corporate influences or reality TV drama. It aims to unite multi-genre musicians/artists and to pump energy into the vibrant music/arts scene in Pittsburgh, as well as throughout the rest of the globe. WE ALSO WANNA SPANK N HAVE FUN!
The show is intended to unite everyone through music, despite all of our differences. It exists to assist, educate, and entertain. The show is not reality trash or drama. We intend to build a community full of artists, teachers, students, musicians, producers, engineers, DJs, and music fans.

Each show will feature different guest artists with a colorful group of characters hosting! The show aims to unite musical artists of all genres into a “Super Styler’s Summit” where they can discuss, critique, assist, motivate and market themselves and their/others music. Music will be the main focus of the show. Speaker Spanker, after all, is the show “where the music speaks!”
Our goal is to unite everyone through the amazing power of music! Peace, love, unity, and spankings for all!